DataChart extends dojox.charting.Chart2D and allows for a simple connection to a data store. When adding a store to a chart, it is necessary to also supply which item property you wish charted. There are two types of properties supported: numbers and arrays of numbers (bubble charts take an array of objects and are not currently supported). If the property is an array, a segment of the array is taken from the end that fits in the display range of the chart. Animated charts are also possible.

Use the spinner fields at the bottom to change the data. The charts listen to store changes an update automatically.

This line chart uses a different data field than the rest, which is an array. This chart will not upate using the spinners.
This chart uses comparitive to compare the price of each item. Without compartive, the items would each be a separate series and not be connected. Will update.
Each column in this chart is a separate series. Will update.
Each bar in this chart is a separate series. Will update.
This chart also uses comparitive to create one series from several items. Will update.