dojox.gfx: Career Aptitude Test

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Thank you for your interest in "I can't believe it's manure" Eateries™ and for submitting your resume for our review. While this is an automated response, please be assured that every resume is reviewed by us, and forwarded to the hiring managers if the skills fit our needs.

In order order to evaluate your skills we ask you to take a career aptitude test. You will have an exciting chance to operate one of our state-of-the-art workstations remotely. Don't forget:

  1. Fish out a live speciment of dung-42 from the container.
  2. Freeze it until you see an orange glow to kill the elements and make it less green.
  3. Broil it until you see the orange glow again, and drop it on the table below.
  4. You have to process all items without wasting resources and in minimal time.

Warnings: don't overfreeze, don't overheat, don't drop the speciment, don't change the sequence, don't touch the speciment in heating and freezing chambers until it is's ready.

Use your head and your mouse!

Please select the desired position:

Workstation Supervisor 
Shift Director 
Vice President #49653