Calendar #1: No date selected dijit.byId('MSC1').get('value') should return an empty array. Add some dates and check again. You can select/unselect single dates or ranges from right to left or left to right. Use your mouse or keyboard

Calendar #2: a few date selected upon instantiation dijit.byId('MSC2').get('value') should return those selected dates. Since returnIsoRanges is by default set to false, it will return all the dates individually
Calendar #3: same dates selected as #2 but with returnIsoRanges=true. dijit.byId('MSC3').get('value') should return all selected dates individually
Calendar #4: We instantiate calendar with a range (with the two dates in the wrong order,) with returnIsoRanges=false dijit.byId('MSC4').get('value') should return all the dates in the month of may. Do the following: dijit.byId('MSC4').set('returnIsoRanges',true) and then re-poll the value, you should have it returned as an iso range